Fundraising for Cieran will be never ending. As a family we want Cieran to have the best chance of a normal life, and this includes having prosthetic legs that provide him with full mobility and the opportunity to have the independence he deserves, custom made flippers to allow him to swim and blades to enable him to run and join in with Sports Day at school and access athletics. Cieran previously received his legs from the NHS, however these limited Cierans movements due to their weight which caused him discomfort if worn for too long and he struggled to do everyday day tasks due to the lack of movement in his ankles. When you next kick a football or walk up a hill, please don’t take it for granted, as all we wish for Cieran is that he can one day carry out these simple functions!

Cieran has growth spurts like any normal child and also needs to keep up in height with his peers which also see’s a change of size in his feet. His stumps grow and change shape which impacts the sockets on his legs, flippers and blades. We do not have an exact figure of how much money we need to raise each year, it is an unknown! We need sponsors and regular donations, along with new and outrageous fundraising ideas to keep Cieran’s Trust Fund going and changing his life for the better. As well as raising money for Cieran we also raise funds for Meningitis Now and Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Events planned for this year are: Gary ran the Manchester 10k on Sunday 10th May raising funds for Meningitis Now. If you have any ideas for future fundraisers or ways to raise money then please drop us a message through the Contact Us link.