July 2011

T-SHIRTS FOR SALE – Now available we have T-shirts with Cieran’s logo on for all those wishing to wear them at the Sponsored Midnight Walk, or just to help raise awareness for Cieran. These are priced at £6.00 each, please email gemmaburnett@yahoo.co.uk to place orders.

Cieran did an amazing job performing with his class in the school play as the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz. Cieran took part in his first gymnastic competition and won his first Bronze medal in the vault and Gold for his floor display with The Hartford School of Gymnastics which Cieran attends twice a week.

Cieran has received his first grant from The Meningitis Trust. This will go towards Cieran’s weekly swimming lessons, so a Huge Thank You to the Trust! He will be starting his lessons later this month, so he can fit in plenty of lessons before our family holiday to Orlando Florida in September.

After an extensive and long application process through the charity Action For Kids, we have been approved to have a specialist handcycle made for Cieran. He is soon to receive a Grasshopper Green bike, which will mean the whole family get out on our bikes and Cieran can have even more independance.

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